A-League Violence/Riot, Brittany Higgins, Rachelle Miller HANDOUTS

This week the Tax Payer was forced to donate $10 Million Dollars to the A-League/APL as well as a reported $3 Million Dollars to Brittany Higgins. This follows the Tax Payer being forced to donate $650,000 to Rachelle Miller. All three of these rorts have been greeted with anger by the Australian public. This weekend has seen Protests at every single A-League match. This even caused a soccer riot with violence so bad that it caused the Melbourne derby that was played between Melbourne Victory and Melbourne City to be Abandoned. Please consider financially supporting this channel, so that I can hire professionals and devote more time to Debunking and exposing the Lies of Feminism. My goal is to work on this channel full time which I am currently unable to do. Here is a link to my patreon https://www.patreon.com/FeminismDebunked