Brittany Higgins speech dismantled by Kings Counsel/KC Tom Percy

KC (King’s Counsel) Tom Percy dismantles Brittany Higgins’s speech on 6PR. This speech was made just moments after the Judge had warned all Parties involved in the case not to make any comments. This speech was unlawful and amounted to contempt of Court but of course, this Powerful Feminist was not charged for breaking this Law just as Lisa Wilkinson was not charged after she delayed the trial. Tom makes a very good point that Bruce Lehrmann has told his story and was questioned by Police at length. Brittany Higgins and the Feminist/March4Justice movement’s main goal is to change all the Laws to make it easier to get Convictions for Rape even when there is no evidence. Brittany Higgins has made hundreds of thousands of dollars because of this case, Bruce Lehrmann has no money at all. He has also been unable to work and has been forced onto unemployment benefits.