Feminism Debunked on the Radio LNP’S Feminist appeasement Fail

Feminism Debunked on 3aw (Melbourne Radio) The topic was the horrific result for the Liberal Party in the Victorian State Election, this result came off the back of several horrific results for the LNP. Scott Morrison’s Liberal-National Coalition tried to appease the Left/Feminist movement, some of the madness has included setting up Marise Payne as the Prime Minister for Women, setting up Jane Hume as the Minister for women’s Economic Security, setting up a task force for women’s safety and even supporting WGEA in trying to close the mythical Gender Pay Gap. Conservative voters will never ever support these Woke Feminist stunts and they have been a major reason for the Parties rapid decline. Below is a link to a full playlist of the other times that Feminism Debunked has been on the Radio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnwifptAREI&list=PL9OIODtlaQ_ntkcNHp96XlrZReMobNnKq&index=2