Citibank truly are one of the Wokest Feminist Organizations on Planet Earth. Here they are abusing young children telling them Feminist Lies about the Gender Pay Gap. Could it be that Citigroup/Citibank are using these Woke SJW Feminist activism to divert attention away from the fact that their Hypocrite CEO Michael Corbat is earning 486 times more than the average Citibank Employee. The Gender Pay Gap/Wage Gap has been debunked thousands of times on youtube alone. Men on average work more hours, on average work more dangerous jobs resulting in 94% of all work place deaths being men. These are just two of the reasons. This is shameful though brain washing kids with Feminist lies. I wonder what the kids reactions would be if they knew that Citibank was paying Michael Corbat 486 times more than the average Citibank Employee?
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