Grace Tame and her Legacy Journalist Mother FRAUD Spencer Breslin.

Grace Tame has used her Mother’s connections to defraud the Australian Public. Grace Tames Mother Penelope Plaschke/Penny Tame read the primetime News in Tasmania for almost two decades. Grace Tame’s original plan for fame was to become a Famous Actress. She even Married Famous Actor Spencer Breslin, sadly for Grace even with his connections in the industry he was unable to assist Grace to achieve her dream. Grace has since found fame and fortune as a Professional Victim she has become Brittany Higgins sidekick. Grace had a sexual relationship with her School Teacher Nicolaas Bester who she knew was married. She said that she had sex with him somewhere between 20 and 30 times. This story has since changed, and she now claims that they had sex/she was raped nearly every day for six months. Which is closer to 180 times. She comes from Privilege, but she claims to be oppressed. Her Father Michael Tame was also a Professional Cricketer. This is Feminism VS Logic.