Grace Tame makes ANOTHER NEW allegation against Nicolaas Bester

The ABC have given Feminist Liar Grace Tame 23 minutes and 54 seconds to promote her new book on Prime Time Radio. During an interview with Virginia Trioli Grace has used the opportunity to make more new allegations against Nicolaas Bester the Married man who she had a six-month-long Sexual Affair with when she was 15.5 years old. This time Grace Tame is claiming that there are another 5 underage girls that Nicolaas Bester has had illegal sexual relationships with. Bester has ONLY ever been charged with having a Sexual Relationship with Grace Tame he has NEVER been charged with maintaining a Sexual Relationship with anyone except for Grace Tame. Just days before this interview Grace Tame was interviewed by Extreme Feminist Carrie Bickmore on Channel 10’s The Project Grace interestingly did not mention these 5 other victims of Nicolaas Bester.