Grace Tame on Channel 10 does she not know about Jane Hume and Marise Payne

Grace Tame has been credited with costing the Liberal Party the 2022 Election. This idea was first stated by Extreme Feminist and Fake conservative Julie Bishop Julie is just another example that the Liberal Party have been overtaken by extreme Feminists. I do agree with Grace Tame though that it is a good thing that the Liberal Party were kicked out after their creation of the Minister for Women’s Economic Security which was performed by Jane Hume, the Prime Minister for Women, the women’s safety task force as well as Josh Frydenberg’s insane Feminist Budget speech and the Party’s record donation to Feminist groups and agencies. Shame on Channel 10 and the rest of the Fake News Media who refuse to report on Grace Tame’s many lies. Grace Tame is clearly a Feminist Liar.

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