Grace Tame’s New Ally Christine Holgate the $1.5 Million a Year Victim

Christine Holgate has joined Feminist Grace Tame, Brittany Higgins and Chanel Contos in their fight against Misogyny, Male Privilege and the Patriarchy. Christine Holgate was criticised by Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese as well as several other Politicians from both the Right and the Left side of Politics for giving $20,000 worth of watches with Tax Payers money when she was the CEO of Australia Post. She is claiming that the reason why these Politicians questioned this use of Tax Payers money was Misogyny and that they bullied her. Christine was on a wage of $1.5 Million before bonuses, she is the typical Feminist Warrior they all come from Wealth and privilege but they never ever see themselves as being Privileged but instead see themselves as being victims who would have easier lives if they had not of had the misfortune of being born female.