Leading KC Lehrmann can never be retried Brittany Higgins trial INSANITY

Leading KC Tom Percy believes Bruce Lehrmann can ‘never be retried’
Leading KC ( King’s Counsel) Tom Percy talks on 6PR (Perth Radio about the Brittany Higgins and Bruce Lehrmann Rape Trial. Tom believes it will be impossible for Bruce Lehrmann to receive a fair trial. He talks about Scott Morrison apologizing to Brittany Higgins in Parliament as though the case against Bruce Lehrmann had already been proven in a Court of Law. Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese’s apologies to Brittany Higgins before the matter had even gone to Court is more evidence of just how out of control Feminism and Feminist Activism have become in the Australian Parliament. Regardless of what happens from here this has made Brittany Higgins rich and has destroyed the Career of Bruce Lehrmann.