Lisa Wilkinson and Brittany Higgins used the Media Leading KC Tom Percy

Leading Perth KC (King’s Counsel) Tom Percy talks on 6PR (Perth Radio) he makes a very good point that Brittany Higgins never would have been named if she had not chosen to use the Media to launch her case against Bruce Lehrmann. Before she had even reported the alleged incident to the Police Brittany Higgins had received huge help in promoting herself and her story mainly from Feminist Lisa Wilkinson and her Husband Peter Fitzsimons. Higgins now claims that she was unfairly scrutinized by the Media when it was in fact Bruce Lehrmann who has been unfairly named and scrutinized by the media. Brittany Higgins has made hundreds of thousands of dollars because of this case, Bruce Lehrmann has no money at all. He has also been able to work and has been forced onto unemployment benefits.