MORE Botox than Lisa Wilkinson 10 promote Extreme Feminist Gloria Allred

Channel 10 have found what most people would of thought was impossible they have found an 81-year-old woman who has done more botox and who has had more plastic surgery than Lisa Wilkinson. In her first night back after breaking the Law and having the Brittany Higgins and Bruce Lehrmann trial delayed. In her first appearance back on Channel 10 which is the Most Extreme Feminist Channel in Australia she has taken the opportunity to not talk about her Logies Speech, but to instead promote Gloria Allred who is one of the most Extreme Feminists on planet earth. Lisa Wilkinson is in awe of her because she has taken on Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Cosby. What is interesting to note is that The Projects Ratings have halved since Lisa Wilkinson took over as the host of the show.
PLEASE contact Channel 10 and let them know what you think of their obsession with Feminism and their continued support of the unpopular Lisa Wilkinson. Below are contact details.
Phone 03 9275 1010
BOYCOTT channel 10