More Lies from Grace Tame Australia’s most dishonest Woke SJW Feminist

Australia’s most Powerful Woke SJW Feminist Grace Tame is now claiming that she was not the only girl/teenager to have a sexual relationship with Nicolaas Bester. This claim goes against what is in the Court Transcript where the Judge clearly states that Bester had no relevant prior convictions. Since then over 11 years have passed and Nicolaas Bester has not been charged with further Sexual Relationships. So who are these other victims do they exist or is Grace Tame making them up? She also claims that Nicolaas Bester is a Pedophile which is not what he was charged with she also claims to have been raped by him despite the fact that there is no mention of rape in the Court Transcript. Unsurprisingly the Fake News Feminist Media has not reported on any of these inconsistencies in Grace’s multiple stories. This is Feminism VS the Truth.
Here is a link to Bettina Arndt’s interview with Nicolaas Bester and below that is a link to my interview with Nicolaas Bester.