Nico Bester Interview about Grace Tame’s accusations against Dan McNeil

SJW Feminist Grace Tame is claiming that two St Michael’s Collegiate Principals knew about Nicolaas Bester’s abuse of Grace Tame plus multiple other underage girls at St Michael’s Collegiate during his employment over almost two decades. After 11 years she has made the sensational claim that Mr Dan McNeill knew about the abuse and instead of going to the Police went to Nico Bester’s house and drank a slab of beer with him. She has also made damaging claims against the School that lots of people knew about Nicolaas Bester’s illegal activities of not only Grace Tame who he had a 6-month sexual relationship with but several other underage girls. The Principal after Dan McNeil Mrs Robyn Kronenberg reputation has also been damaged as Grace has claimed on several occasions that lots of people knew about the multiple victims but for some bizarre reason Robyn Kronenberg did nothing.