NRL and AFL Demand Taxpayers Money LNP + ALP MPS say NO

Feminism Debunked on Sydney Radio talking about the NRL and AFL’S demands that the Australian Tax Payer builds every new Stadium as well as every piece of training and Administrative Infrastructure. For too long both the NRL and AFL have received huge amounts of Corporate welfare. Gillon McLachlan has demanded a $750 Million Dollar Stadium be paid for by the Tasmanian and Federal Governments and if it’s not Tasmania will continue to be the only State without an AFL Team. While the NRL is threatening to take the NRL Grand Final away from New South Wales unless the Tax Payer donates millions to several NRL Teams to upgrade their Stadiums. In Tasmania MPS from all three Major Parties have called this Stadium a waste of Tax Payers money and even LNP MPS have gone against their own The Liberal–National Coalition, Premier Jeremy Rockliff who has agreed to donate $375 Million Stadium for the proposed Tasmanian AFL Team. This video also looks at a speech from LNP Senator Jonathon Duniam who made a spoke out against his Government’s $375 Million Dollar donation to the new Stadium.