PART 2 Brittany Higgins V Ben Fordham Feminists defrauding the Tax Payer

Brittany Higgins is doing what she does best threatening to sue. This time it is 2GB and Ben Fordham that she has in her sights. This Feminist opportunist is going to find out though that getting money from 2GB is a little bit harder than what it is getting money from the Government. 2GB will not settle in a couple of days as the Pathetic ALP did. Rachelle Miller is another example of just how easy it is for Feminists claiming abuse to extort money from the Australian Tax Payer in her case it was the LNP fake Conservative Government who handed over $650,000 to her even after Alan Tudge was cleared of any wrongdoing. At least Scott Morrison’s Feminist LNP was honest enough to disclose the amount of Tax Payers’ money that had been given away until like Albo’s ALP who are hiding it from the public.