PART 3 – Nicolaas Bester Interview Grace Tame LYING FEMINIST FRAUD

This is part 3 of Feminism Debunked interview with Nicolaas Bester. Here is a link to the playlist
In the Court Transcript it cites that Brittany Higgins friend Grace Tame and Nicco/Nicolaas Bester had sex between 20 and 30 times. Grace Tame has since changed her story to nearly every day for 6 months. This is of course Ilegal as Grace Tame was only 15.5 years old. The age of consent in most Australian States is 16, in Grace’s State of Tasmania it is 17(changing this law was a huge win for the Feminist movement) During this interview, Nicolaas Bester claims that it was, in fact, Grace Tame who stalked and made advances to him he denies that he groomed Grace and that he simply accepted her sexual advances after weeks of pressure and stalking from Grace Tame. While the question of who made the first advance may be uncertain, what is clearly not uncertain is the fact that Grace Tame has given very different versions of what took place between her and Nicolaas Bester anyone who reads the Court Transcript and then watches her latest interviews can see that. Unsurprisingly the entire mainstream Fake News Feminist Media has failed to report on Grace’s changing story and have continued to support and promote her. Grace Tame is clearly a terrible choice for the Australian of the Year. This is another example of Feminism VS the Truth.