Payne’s desperate attempt to Win over Grace Tame and Chanel Contos

Marise Payne in a desperate attempt to win over the March4Justice Movement as well as Extreme SJW Feminists Grace Tame and Chanel Contos has made a speech about the Gender Pay Gap, Women’s Safety and Diversity. Standing behind her were Grace Tame’s biggest Enemy Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg who only last week gifted $2.1 Billion to Feminist Causes while giving nothing to men and boys in need. This $2.1 Billion is more than any Government Left or Right has ever given to Feminist Causes. But clearly this did not work as just days later Grace Tame roosted Scott Morrison at the 2022 Melbourne Comedy Festival. When will these so called right wing conservatives figure out that they will never ever be able to get these extreme Feminists on side. All they are doing is getting large numbers of people who hate Modern Day Feminism off side.