PROOF the Feminist Labor Party ONLY care about Oppressed Women

The Feminist Labor Party make it very clear in their 2021 Women’s Budget Statement that they care more about Oppressed Women than men. Even in areas like Homelessness where the overwhelming major of victims are men the Labor Party is predominately concerned with the women who are victims. Then there are victims of violence and murder where men make up the majority of victims and all they want to do is talk about ways that they are helping women who are victims. There are so many areas where men have fallen behind women such as Child Custody, Incarceration, Suicide, Gaining Degrees, Completing Highschool, Life Expectancy, Workplace injury and death. But you will never hear any Labor Politician talking about any of these Gendered Issues. This is what Feminism looks like in Australia it has nothing to do with Equality it is about giving women special treatment.