Tames UNPROVEN accusations against her School Government and Bester

Grace Tame has made accusations against her former School St Michael’s Collegiate, the Government/Scott Morrison as well as her former boyfriend/Rapist who she first claimed she had sex with between 20 and 30 times but now says it was nearly every day for six months. Grace Tame is clearly a Liar. So why won’t any mainstream media outlet call her out. Why won’t the Liberal Party defend themselves, why won’t the St Michael’s Collegiate School defend the two School Principals who Grace Tame claims knew of multiple victims? Maybe it is because St Michael’s Collegiate School knows that the School was a safe haven for Predators for years. Has the School paid compensation to Grace and the other victims? If Grace is not lying then they should be paying millions in compensation. But either way, there is no dought that Grace Tame is a Feminist Liar.