WHY is Katherine Deves angry at the Liberal Party ? Feminist Madness

After only a couple of months after being parachuted into a traditionally safe Liberal seat Extreme Feminist Katherine Deves has launched multiple attacks on the Liberal–National Coalition accusing them of not giving women a voice and stating that women were the forgotten people of the 2022 Election. This goes against all logic and reality as anyone who has been watching knows that the Liberal Party gave more money to Feminist/Women’s issues in the 2022 Budget and has set up multiple Feminist Agencies. But it would appear that Katherine Deves anger towards the Liberal Party is not because of their treatment of women but the fact that they stopped her from going onto Sky News during the Election. No dought fearing that she would make more foolish comments that would damage the Party. Since the Election she has certainly proven them right and has made foolish comment after foolish comment. But the big question is why do Sky News and especially Rowan Dean and Paul Murray think she is the best that Liberal MP?

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